Beanboat Marketplace is a platform through which coffee farmers can sell high quality coffee beans directly from their farms to coffee shops and roasters alike, eliminating the middlemen.

This, not only expedites the process but, also gives full control of the beans to the rightful owners - the farmers - while the coffee enthusiasts get to choose exactly the kind and variety of coffee they need.
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The Future of Coffee Trade is Direct, and it's already here.

Direct Trade means Fresher Beans

Less time between the harvest and delivery, ensuring maximum freshness. 

Direct Trade means Less Exploitation

The farmers earn more for the product they produce.

Direct Trade means Micro-Lots

Access to remote, small, and family-owned farms that produce unique and hard-to-find coffee.

Direct Trade means more Affordable Coffee 

Owing to less hand exchanges from the source to you.

Empowering Farmers since 2017

Beanboat's mission is to change the profiting entity from the middlemen to the farmers.


Our team in Colombia helps family owned farms grow better, higher grade specialty coffee that has a higher value.


Affordable rare varieties such as Ombligón and Colombian Geisha from family owned farms that product micro lots.


Farmers get paid a fair price for their coffee, allowing them to earn more and to afford hiring coffee-pickers during harvest.

Working in harmony for the betterment of farmers and a fairer coffee industry.