Empowering a generation of farmers.

Beanboat started with a single farm, a single product, and with the goal of empowering the current generation of coffee farmers out of love and appreciation for their product and labor.

Meet a dedicated team working across two continents, united by their shared values in transparency, justice, and worker-empowerment. Kept driven by their love for specialty coffee and appreciation for the ones who make it possible.

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Who We Are


Beanboat Bahrain is run by a passionate team with backgrounds in multiple disciplines. Everything you see in this website, from the code itself to the branding of the product’s packaging is done in-house. Since it’s inception, Beanboat has solely relied on the team for all it’s accomplishment.


Beanboat in Colombia is run by our friends and partners, who personally establish direct relations with the farmers by physically visiting each and every one. The team consist of 2 amazing individuals who keep the farmers best interest top priority, helping them with agronomy, Q-grading, and much more.


Beanboat was established with just a single farm and a single product.


Beanboat partnered with more farms, bringing the gulf region three different coffee varieties, selling them to coffee enthusiast, coffee-shops and restaurants.

Jun 2019. GROWTH

Beanboat partnered with more farms and expanded into green beans trade, obtaining beans of multiple farms including rain-forest association.


Beanboat introduces the first coffee subscription service in Bahrain, offered to both households and offices.

Beanboat Enables coffee farmers to be the rightful owners of their products.

Our team is ready to work with you. If you are looking for specific processes, such as natural beans or you want organic beans certified by the Rainforest Association of Colombia, our team will make it work. Contact us in English, Arabic, Spanish and you’ll get a response in under 24 hours. Contact us in other languages too, we’ll use google translate.

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Coffee Farmer Pedro Maya
Stacked coffee stacks of Beanboat

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