Moka Pot

The "macchinetta". Moka Pot was invented in 1933, and hasn't changed much since then. It produces a thick and strong cup of coffee similar to an espresso. The underdog of coffee making tools.

Brewing Time

4 Minutes

What you need

  1. Coffee
  2. Moka Pot
  3. Grinder
  4. Kettle
  5. Scale
  6. Timer
  7. Cup

Pre-heat the water

Bring kettle water to a boil and remove from heat. 

Grind your coffee

Grind about 20-22 grams of coffee, about as finely as you would for a shot of espresso.

Add Water

Fill the bottom half of your Moka pot with water that’s fresh off the boil.

Insert the filter

Insert the filter basket into the brewer bottom.

Add the coffee

Fill the basket with coffee, slightly mounded, and level the surface off with your finger. Brush away loose grounds on the top edge of the filter basket.

Screw it!

Screw the top and bottom together. Use hot pads and don’t over tighten.

Heat it up

Put the brewer on the stove, use moderate heat and make sure that the handle is not subjected to heat. Leave the top lid open.

Brew it

Your coffee will start coming out, with an audible puffing sound.You’ll notice it being a  rich-brown stream that will slowly transition into a lighter shade. Once the stream is the color of yellow/honey, remove from heat source with hot pads and close the lid.

Take it off

Wrap the bottom of the pot in a chilled bar towel or run under cold tap water to stop extraction.This is to prevent the coffee from developing a metallic taste. The idea here is to get a relatively small amount of coffee which is very concentrated and rich, like an espresso.

Serve it

Once the coffee stops bubbling out, pour it and serve! You may wish to dilute with hot water depending on preference.

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