How it works

A seamless process that ensures you get the coffee that sets you apart from the competetion.

A. Browse Our Selection

Hard to find Microlots from family owned farms. Browse by process or origin, and use our filters if you’re looking for something specific. Decide on the quantity and add it to your quotation. Repeat the process for as many coffees as you’d like. 

NOTE: Request samples from each coffee page. Best of all, our samples are free! You just have to pay for shipping.



B. Submit Your Quotation

By submitting your quotation, the coffee is booked for you even if you change your mind later!

Once you add all the varieties you’d like to your quotation , submit it for our team to review. Our team will contact you by phone to confirm your booking and address, and answer any questions you might have. 

You will then receive a proposal from our team that includes the final pricing including shipping right to your address, along with payment terms that can stretch up to a few months and is customized just for you!



C. Advance Payment

An advance, partial payment to kickoff the process in Colombia.

An advance, partial payment is required for our team to begin working on your coffee. The amount will be included in the proposal. Once you accept it, you will be taken to a page with the payment info. 



A. Trashing

Your coffee undergoes a process called thrashing or milling.

During thrashing, the dried coffee husk is removed by specialized machinery in our partner coffee labs. The coffee beans are then collected by bean size, ensuring you get high quality beans that will give you a smooth roasting experience and ultimately, a good cup of coffee!




B. Packaging

Our packing process ensures maximum freshness of your beans

All our coffee sacks come with a Grainpro bag, which seals your coffee and protects it from unwanted odors, air and liquids. This keeps the coffee fresh and safe, preventing the need to use unneeded fumigants that degrade it’s quality.

Note: if you opted for custom designed sacks, which is a service we offer for FREE, this process takes a slightly longer time. Visit this page to learn how to get you own custom designed sacks!



03. Shipping

The sacks are arranged into the pallets and loaded to the container.

All legal papers will be included with all sacks (SFDA requirements, for example) and the sacks will be arranged into the pallets, which then will be loaded into the container. Shipping generally takes about a month to 45 days, depending on the destination.



04. Payments

Generous and flexible payment terms that allow you to focus on your business. 

The rest of the payments to be paid according to the payment terms that were included in the proposal sent to you.

Any Questions?

Our team will happily explain and asset you every step of the way.