We can’t tell our story without telling the stories of the farmers. Farmers around the world are subjected to unfair trade systems.They are exposed to big corporations whose hunger to maximize their profits have driven many farmers to lose their land, abandon farming and pursue other ways to make a livelihood.

Also, climate change is not making things any easier for the farmers. The increase and decrease in rain, abrupt changes in temperatures and changing atmosphere has made it even more difficult to survive. Farmers who continue farming in spite of the obstacles in their way have a hard time providing for their families. Coffee farmers are paid during the harvest season; which occurs twice a year and have to suffer through several months in which they have no money, they have trouble keeping the water running in their farms, not having enough coffee pickers to pick the coffee on time.

Farmers face many such difficulties every single day. Beanboat aims to empower farmers by providing a platform where they can supply directly to the consumers – maximizing their profit and helping them sustain their business. This encourages the farmers to grow better produce, and the consumer can enjoy fresher ingredients without the delay from distributors and other supply chains. Moreover, most of the profits from the sales of the coffee go directly to the farmers. The farmers are our partners in Beanboat; they work hand in hand with us.


We started with the coffee grown at Hector’s Farm in the locality of White Stones from Santuario, Colombian. The coffee was nurtured by Hector himself, which was 68 years old at the time. He was born and raised on this farm, which he inherited from his ancestors.


How Do Farmers Benefit?

Farmers generally don’t receive their well-deserved share for the coffee they grow as it goes through a complex supply chain and it is influenced by many middlemen in the process. Once the farmers play their role of harvesting their coffee, they then lose control over the product. The middleman in the coffee industry takes control over their product and profit the most, as they are the ones dealing at the end of the chain. Beanboat maintains that control over the coffee allowing the farmers to access the market all the way to the end of the sales. The closer the farmers are to the consumer the greater they are rewarded for their hard work. The coffee under the surveillance of the farmers is sold on the Beanboat website internationally. This helps the farmers understand the consumer’s needs better.


How do Customers Benefit?

Wondering how much is taken away by intermediaries when paying for your coffee? Well, for you to know it is a lot.  When this fact changes and most of the share of the price is given to the coffee grower, it will generate an incentive for the grower to sell coffee of a higher quality and SCAA scale grade, therefore the consumer will receive a better beverage. This increases customer’s satisfaction and the competitiveness of coffee shops. In simple terms better quality and prices for consumers.







We live in a day an age where the likes of regular people can have a say in the lives of other regular people. With the help of social media, we are more aware of our surroundings and are connected to what’s happening in other parts of the world. We are adamant about what we consume, what we wear and where we stand. We support causes which have no correlation with our lives whatsoever, but that doesn’t stop us from helping sustain a tiny village in the midst of Ethiopia. This sheer ability to care for the fellow humans has made us the most philanthropic generation of all time.

The last few years have seen a drastic decline in the coffee farmers. Unable to provide for their families, many coffee farmers have made their ways to the cities for a better life. They have not only abandoned their old ways but also given up on their long line of family heritage and land. Many farmers encourage their young ones to pursue other careers, they want their children to build a life away from the farm. We might be looking at the last generation of family-run and owned coffee farms.


How Can You Help

You can do a lot by choosing what you consume and who you profit. Most of our daily consumption allows the giant industries and corporations to grow, without us knowing we feed the ones who are taking everything away from the farmers who grow our food. We can change all that one day at a time. By purchasing directly from the farmers, you are not only generating a high revenue stream for them but also changing an entire community. The kids will have an access to education, the farmers will provide a healthy living for their loved one, sanitation will improve, and new roads will be paved, all because of who you chose to buy from.

With Beanboat, we bring you closer to the farmers than ever before. Support the cause and get onboard!

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