• Colombian Fredonia Honey – Limited Release – 250g

    5.5 BD

    Chocolate, Caramelized, Fruity, Strawberry

    Honey beans are prepared by keeping the natural mucilage intact before sun-drying. This process allows the beans to absorb more sugar, creating a honey-like curve of flavors.

    Note: Due to limited stocks, quantities will be reserved for our coffee subscribers. We will be restocking soon!

    Roasted on: November 6, 2020.

    Size: 250g

  • Cuidad Bolivar Natural Coffee Beans

    5.0 BD

    sweets, red fruits, winy, fruity, blackberry

    Our natural beans are obtained by carefully letting the cherry juices ferment the beans while they are being dried. This produces amazing liquor-like flavors and very unique coffee profiles.

    Grade: 84.75 | Altitude: 1750 | Roast: Medium

    Regularly roasted in Bahrain.