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Beanboat Specialty Coffee Subscriptions.

Freshly Roasted Coffee.
Delivered to you, your way.

Freshly roasted in Bahrain and delivered to your door according to your needs in our iconic bags.  All our beans come from family-owned farms in Colombia and have a SCA grade of at least 86.75, ensuring that you get some of the best Specialty Colombian beans available in Bahrain.

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    How it works

    No sorcery is involved. Beanboat takes care of everything for you so you never have to run out of coffee again. All it takes is 3 simple steps:

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    Subscribe to your coffee and let us know how you like it.

    Let us know how you want your coffee. Whole beans or fine grind?

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    We roast your coffee in Bahrain and deliver it to you.

    We roast your coffee just right for each type, bringing out the best notes and aromas and let the flavors settle. Then we pack them in our biodegradable bags either whole beans or fine grind, depending on you. And last but not least, we deliver it right to your doorstep for free!

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    Drink Up!

    And feel good about it! Not only are you enjoying a great cup of coffee, you are also helping a generation of coffee farmers live a sustainable lifestyle after decades of being exploited by the conventional coffee trade models. Learn more about what we do and how you’re helping.

    Rainforest Alliance Certified

    The coffee you’re subscribing to is grown and cultivated by Pedro Maya and the Los-Frailes farm. Pedro has received the certification seal of the Rainforest Alliance, which is only granted to farms that have been audited to meet standards that require environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

    Your subscription to Beanboat Specialty Coffee helps Pedro Maya directly. It enables him and his family to continue working on the farm he inherited from his ancestors.

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    Got Questions?

    So If order today, when will I get my coffee?

    You'll get your first bag of coffee in a business day or two, and the next delivery would be according to the package you have chosen, i.e: every other week (every 14 days), every week (every 7 days), or monthly (every 30 days).

    How much is it?

    It starts from only 6 BD per month, including shipping right to your door.

    Can I cancel whenever I want? What happens when I do?

    Sure! You can easily cancel by going to your account and managing your subscriptions. The monthly payment will stop and you won't be getting coffee from us. But we can always get back together anytime you wish!

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