Our Partners

These Farmers are not just part of our supply chain, they are part of our lives and our partners in the company. They are family.

Alonso Tangarife
AKA Vanilla Killa

Alonso Tangarife

<a href=Pedro Maya" />
Aka Big Boss

We teamed with Pedro in 2019 and we cannot look back. He gives us some of the beans beans we have had to date, and constantly teaches us about the values and ethics you accumulate for being a farmer in an environmentally protected area. He’s our boss.



Los Frailes/Fredonia Honey Beans

Los Frailes/Fredonia Rainforest Alliance Certified Beans

Uncle Hector
Uncle Hector
Aka The Godfather

The Godfather of Beanboat and the reason it all started. Hector is John’s Uncle, and our inspiration since the beginning of it all.


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